White Kitchen Designs for Your Home

White Kitchen Designs for Your Home

White kitchen designs are incredibly popular at the moment and have always been in fashion due to their clean and fresh look. However there is much to use from in the kitchen and to design, it is not just simply a matter of placing white furniture and accessories into the space.

Firstly white kitchen cabinets make the perfect colour choice in the kitchen because they can be accessories with any other colour choice; however there are many styles to choose from. A Contemporary style kitchen cabinet with a white gloss finish will give an extremely sleek and modern feeling to your kitchen.
You could also opt for wood style cabinets with a white paint finish on a raised panel door which will give a more warmer and traditional feeling traditional feeling to your kitchen so the choice materials are extremely important.
When it comes to kitchen accessories you can use a mixture of whites with a splash of colour, so for example white plates and cups but with a red tablecloth and red toaster and kettle.

Countertops in a white finish are also extremely popular choices. They are clean looking and can be made from a variety of hard wearing surfaces such as granite which can also include specs if colour if you so wish, white kitchen countertops really do give a contemporary feel. You also need to carefully consider the flooring. Wooden flooring painted white is a popular choice as this evokes a warm and homely feel to the small kitchen. You could though also choose white floor tiles or linoleum; it all depends upon your budget.

The colour choice for appliances is also best as white, so white refrigerator and washing machine but other kitchen accessories can add a splash of colour where needed. A white kitchen design really does provide you with a modern and clean feeling kitchen that will never age.

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