Vintage kitchens – A Personification of tradition

Vintage kitchens – A Personification of tradition

Vintage kitchens are the embodiment of past restored with a modern touch. Since the period between 1920 and1950 was the vintage era, therefore, most of the collectible items reform the whole kitchen. Such inspirational kitchens bring classical charm, modernized conveniences and enhance the intrinsic value of each item displayed.

While decorating your kitchen in vintage style, you come across a variety of vintage objects (like stoves, teakettles, copper molds, salt-n-pepper shakers, drapes, toasters, lamps, tables, chairs etc.). Popular kitchen items come from McCoy pottery, American Bisque, and Staffordshire, to name a few. It is very important to select the color scheme, furnishings and flooring of the vintage kitchen that best appeal to the vintage era of your choice. 1930s emphasized yellow, white and green while 1960s palette mostly had brown, orange and yellow.

Decorative wallpapers with old pans hanging on the walls, large clocks will compliment your vintage look. Wide and polished reclaimed wooden planks for the flooring give the vintage touch to your kitchen. Colorful and floral prints of curtains impart an inspirational feel to the place. Addition of huge appliances, vintage styled checkered tabletops with vinyl-and-chrome dinner sets, white cabinets with silver handles and small kitchen accessories scattered around kitchen shelves complete your vintage kitchen.

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