Vintage Kitchen Ideas

Vintage Kitchen Ideas

Vintage kitchens seem to be extremely popular at the moment and one of the reasons for this is because they can be created fairly cheaply and over a period of time by purchasing accessories and pieces of vintage furniture. The kitchen is after all the heart of the home so you want it to be both practical yet homely.
One of the main looks for any vintage kitchen is distressed cabinets and you can easily create this look with a little bit of elbow grease. You can then offset this distressed look with the use of white tiles to give a vintage yet modern look.

A vintage sink will also really help in getting that vintage feeling and there are many reclamation yards out there who will stock them but you will have to do a bit of searching. Well worth the effort though.

As for colour schemes, 1940’s and 1950’s popular colours are cream, green, red and white. White will give a modern feel and you can add splashes of colour in accessories such as chrome and storage jars, vintage kettles and cups. Fabrics can also be purchased in the vintage style such as tablecloths made of patterned oil cloths and curtains. The use of aprons is also a good idea and they can be used as decorations hanging from hooks on doors.

A roller towel rack on the wall for drying tea towels and dishcloths will also give a vintage feel to the kitchen as well as being very practical.
Antique cookbooks are also extremely easy to find and you can have fun searching for them. You can make a feature of them by designing a shelf space to house them. So a vintage kitchen is extremely achievable, practical and you can create one on a budget that will add colour and warmth to your home.

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