Small Garden Ideas for Everyone

Small Garden Ideas for Everyone

Small garden ideas need not cost a fortune. With a little bit if planning and imagination you can create a stunning outside space that you can use to both entertain and relax in.

The key really is in the planning and using every inch of available space. One good way to incorporate flowers and plants into a small garden space is to use both hanging baskets and pots. You can place pots around the garden and to create a feature space, so for example in a corner of the garden or as a centrepiece. The beauty of pots is that you can place them wherever you like, you can rotate them around the garden during the year to instantly give your garden a makeover and you can choose from a wide range of colours and shakes, so this will instantly brighten up a dull space. The flowers themselves will instantly brighten up your small garden and you just need to find out what grow best in your climate and what soil you have. As well as using lots though you can add raised flower beds if your space permits.

Hanging baskets can be hung from your back door and can include brightly coloured trailing plants. If you have a back wall then trellis can be added here in which to trail flowers and to give a focal point.

Small water features are also good for small gardens as they can be placed into a corner or any small space and they are relatively cheap nowadays so will add a splash of colour as well as being extremely restful.

Just because you have a small garden doesn’t mean that you cannot sit and enjoy your garden. Folding chairs are one option so that they can be out away in the evening or you can invest in a small cast iron bench or table set which can be placed into a small space and can be left out in all weathers.
So don’t let small garden space limit your ideas, sit down and plan your space, anything is possible.

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