Small bathroom ideas to make your bathroom appear larger

Small bathroom ideas to make your bathroom appear larger

Small bathroom ideas can instantly transform your bathroom. You need not be confined by the size of your bathroom anymore as by following a few hints and tips your bathroom can instantly appear much larger. Firstly you need to concentrate on the floor and choose your materials carefully. What works best in small bathrooms are light coloured floor tiles and the larger the better as they will give the illusion of both light and space, so keep this idea in mind when shopping for floor tiles.

When it comes to the walls again choose. Tiles in light colours and place in blocks of colour. It is best to avoid dark colours at all costs as they can make the room appear much smaller.

Sinks can be somewhat tricky but the rule here is to simply buy a wall mounted sink as they take up less room. The choice of whether to buy a vanity is up to you. No vanity means that more floor is on show so the room appears bigger but a vanity also means storage which may be more practical in a small bathroom. If this is the case choose a light colour.

When choosing cabinets once again opt for ones that are simple in design and are painted to match the colours of the wall, small cabinets also work best. One final decision when you are considering small bathroom ideas is whether to have a bath or not. If you have small children or simply enjoy a soak in the bath then a corner bath is your best option. Even better still is a shower with a clear sliding panel. Showers take up less room and this extra space can be used for storage purposes.

There are many ideas to consider when planning how best to make your small bathroom appear much larger, get inspiration by looking online and visiting your local showroom.

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