Small backyard designs that will truly inspire

Small backyard designs do not have to be limited due to a lack of space. You can create both a functional and relaxing outdoor space in which you can truly enjoy.
The key to small backyard designs is in the planning and the making use of every available inch of space. You also need to think about how you want to use your space, will it vibe for relaxing, entertaining, low maintenance or simply a place to grow your vegetables? Having a focus for your backyard will help you with planning.
Pots are excellent for a small backyard as you can pot flowers, ferns and even decorate with lights. You can then place them around the backyard wherever you like.
A miniature water feature is also a lovely idea for use in a small backyard. They are now extremely modern in design and can be placed into a corner space if needed.
There is also nothing stopping you from having a small decking area, littered with pots that you can use for an intimate outside dining space It’s all about the furniture you buy and where it is best to place your deck. If you plan on doing a big project such as this it may be a good idea to call in the services of a small garden designer as they will know the best way in which to maximise your outdoor space.
If you want to grow vegetables and some plants a potted plant stand that is tiered is an excellent choice as is a raised bed. This will allow you to garden but without taking away from any other space that can be used for decking or a seating area.
Small backyard designs really have been revolutionised over the past decade and having a small backyard no longer had to limit your choices on how you would like your perfect outdoor space to be.

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