Rustic Kitchen Tables – Revitalized item from the past

These tables are not only cost-friendly but bring in long lost beauty of furniture blended with modern styles. These are a fantastic homely addition for nature lovers and people who enjoy outdoors. Although various rustic furnishings (such as chairs, desks, love seats, clocks, mirror frames and lamps) are available but rustic kitchen tables are the most sought after item.

Rustic Kitchen tables are usually constructed with natural elements like stone, wood, glass, metal and clay in their raw forms. Today, modern rustic dining tables are constructed with newer styles using diverse types of wood such as Alaska cedar, mountain oak, hickory, solid oak, willow and mountain laurel. Different pastoral tables reflect diversity of rustic styles such as country cottage, peeled bark, milk-paint, chip carving, gold or silver brushwork, assorted contemporary combinations and trendy enhancements. Rustic tables are constructed with two basic styles namely twig work and bentwood. However, tenon and mortice styles are also used. Simpler versions utilize just nailing the pieces together or utilizing discarded products of factories and mills.

Although elegance of rustic furniture stands out in its simplest form but combinations with country cottage, French country, super-modern, mix and match enhance homely grace. Various painting styles like vintage green, ash white, old chestnut, hand coat of wax-polish increase the rustic chic style in the kitchen tables. In short, rustic dining arrangements are an authentic way to add sturdiness and natural beauty of raw materials.

Gallery of Rustic Kitchen Tables – Revitalized item from the past

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