Pirate party ideas for your little boy

Pirate party ideas for your little boy

Pirate party ideas, there are just so many to choose from. This party theme is ideal for boys and you will have so much fun in planning for the big day. Here are some ideas to help you perfect that special pirate party.

A fantastic pirate colour scheme is that of red, white and black and lots of it. This can be incorporated into balloons, tablecloths, cups, plates and even the birthday cake. There should also be Jolly Roger flags scattered around the room and perhaps as the centre piece on each table. To decorate the room, as well as balloons and streamers you could add a few fishing nets. These can be draped in the walls or hung from the ceiling. You could even go as far to pop plastic fish and other sea creatures in them.

As regards to the floor you could create a sandy beach, in one area of the room with even perhaps a small paddling pool. You could also add to this area some shells and other sea life with perhaps a tank of interesting local fish. Every pirate birthday party also needs a treasure chest and this can be used as the main focal point. You could ask your guests to place any gifts and cards into the chest on arrival.

To tie into the treasure chest theme you could also ask the children to complete a Treasure hunt using maps so as to find some hidden treasure, you could also ask them to devise their own treasure maps.

What will also make the pirate birthday party that extra special is a Fancy dress theme. All children love to dress up and you will probably have your fair share of pirates to deal with.
So it really will be lots of fun in thinking about pirate birthday party ideas for your little one.

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