Painting Kitchen Cabinets – A Cost-effective Remodelling Solution:

Painting Kitchen Cabinets – A Cost-effective Remodelling Solution:

Painting kitchen cabinets is an effective strategy to change the entire outlook of your kitchen without burdening your pocket. Kitchen cabinets are the receivers of everything from greasy hands to excessive heat/humidity and messy spills and sabotage your kitchen’s appearance. Conversely, well maintained, perfectly painted and spot-less cabinets enhance the style quotient and exhibit the sophistication of the owners.

To start painting kitchen cabinets first step should be of removing doors and drawers and then other hardware components like hinges and handles to retrieve the frame. The next step is to remove stains, grease, dirt and grime from the cabinet’s surface. This will require a good quality cleaning solution. Sanding should follow suite after the cabinets have been cleaned and dried. To ensure that the surface is free of dirt and ready to be painted you need to run a damp cloth or towel all over. Before painting we recommend that you perform priming that is, applying an oil base-coat which will prevent termites and damages from heat and humidity. Now you can start painting your cabinets. Choose good quality latex acrylic enamel for this purpose manufactured by a leading firm to ensure impressive and long-lasting impact.

Painting kitchen cabinets is probably the most inexpensive technique for performing their quick remodelling. If you choose to paint yourself then the expenditures will be even lesser because it will only involve buying brushes, paint and primers, etc. Painting kitchen cabinets is also favourable because it eliminates the need of replacing old units, which otherwise may cost you around $3500.

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