Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist living rooms are now extremely popular as they require less maintenance and ultimately less cleaning than a more traditional living room. This type of room is of particular value to the busy professional and family home owner. So how do you go about creating a minimalist living room? Well this can be done fairly easily.

In essence a minimalist room means ‘clutter free’ so the rule of thumb here is to buy only the furniture that is absolutely required and nothing else. So for example this could simply mean purchasing a couch, chairs, shelving unit and coffee table. When choosing furniture you also need to be aware that they should be in neutral colours, wood, stainless steel or glass and should be basic in design with clean lines. The chairs and sofa ideally would be best in a classic design and understated. Leather is also a good choice for sofas and chairs.

For tables and coffee tables square shapes work best as when not used they can be easily stored in an available space. Storage is also important for the minimalist living space. A walled cube storage shelving system is a good investment and will keep all of your belongings neatly stored and out of sight.

With regards to colour scheme once again neutral blocks of colour work best and it is advisable to avoid patterned pattern and vibrant colours as these will add clutter while making the room appear ‘busy’. Neutral colours will make the space appear cleaner and fresher while at the same time making it appear bigger and easy on the eye. Finally window shades or blinds are best used in this type of room rather than curtains in keeping with the minimalist theme.

A minimalist living room is extremely achievable and equally affordable. The main themes to keep in mind are to keep things simple, practical and above all neutral. Have fun in decorating your room.

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