Living room curtain ideas to brighten up your room

Living room curtain ideas to brighten up your room

Living room curtain ideas come in the form of various colours, textures and lengths. Your choice of living room curtain very much depends upon your living room colour scheme and your own personal taste.

So firstly you want your chosen curtains to contemplate your colour scheme, so for example if you have cream walls and a green sofa you could opt for a cream or green curtain. However you may also choose to opt for a block of colour or pattern depending once again on your wallpaper and furniture. If you have patterned sofas and chairs you do not necessarily want patterned curtains so plain curtains would work best.

The curtain of your choice should also maintain the overall feeling of the room and this can be done by carefully choosing the fabric. There are many different fabrics out there to choose from including silk, cotton and velvet but it is most important that this fabric matches what you already have, so for example if you have a velvet sofa it is a good idea to match those with velvet curtains. If your living room has a cool and contemporary feel then cotton curtains work best while a trendy retro living room full of colour and a mixture of fabrics would lend itself best to the luxury of silk curtains. You just need to make sure that the curtains feel part of the room and not an added extra.

You also need to carefully consider your budget when choosing curtains and make sure that you buy the best quality that money can buy. The belter quality curtains hang better and will last much longer than cheaper versions, after all you want your curtains to last a long time.
So get thinking about those ideas for your perfect living room curtains as they really do make a room.

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