Girls’ Room Decor Ideas

Girls’ Room Decor Ideas

How do you go about designing and decorating a girl’s bedroom? There are so many colours, textures and accessories to choose from that the whole experience can seem quite daunting, however this needn’t be so. If you concentrate on one chosen theme then the room can quickly take shape around this and make the whole process much easier. So here are 6 girls’ room decor ideas that work well in any room.


All girls love flowers and so therefore this is a perfect theme for any girl’s room. You also have lots of décor and design options available to you, for example you can add flower stencils to the wall in any colour you like as well as flowered curtains s and a duvet set. You can add vases of flowers and even a flower shaped lantern. You could even go one step ahead and add a green rug or carpet, the choices are endless.


With the use of rainbows in a bedroom this instantly adds a splash of colour to a room and is perfect if your chosen bedroom is on the small side. You can easily paint a rainbow onto the main wall, which is quite easy to do as there are no straight lines or you could buy rainbow themed wallpaper. The uniqueness of the rainbow themed bedroom is that you can choose an array of brightly coloured accessories to fill and accentuate the space. So you could add brightly coloured curtains, lights and even a rainbow light.


Butterflies add a charming and airy feel to any bedroom. Butterflies can be made to hang from the ceiling and can be painted onto walls. The butterfly is also very popular at the moment and there is a wide choice of duvets sets and curtains as well as other accessories that are widely available.


With a princess themed bedroom you can really let your imagination go wild and create a palace for your little girl. You can create a princess bed with the use of a bed canopy and you could even create a princess mirror encrusted with jewels. Pinks and lilacs are good for this style of room as well as pretty nightlights.

Ocean theme

For the little girl who does not want to be a princess but a diver or work with sea life an ocean themed room is perfect. Obviously lots of blues should be used within the colour scheme and you can add whales and dolphins as well as starfish and perhaps even a mermaid. A sandy coloured carpet or a yellow rug on wooden boards would be a nice touch with perhaps chiffon curtains in a pale blue along with a pale blue ceiling for the sky with added stencilled clouds.


Another popular theme is that of starlight as it is so dreamy and romantic, especially for the teenage girl. You can paint the walls a dark blue along with the ceiling and accentuate the night sky by adding glow in the dark paint in the shape of stars. To offset all of this dark paint you could add a light carpet and accessories and use lots of led lights along the walls of the room. A lava lamp would also make a beautiful accessory and accentuate the colours and feeling of the night in the room.

All of these girls’ décor ideas are extremely versatile and easy to achieve even if you are on a budget. Have fun in creating and designing your bedroom.

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