DIY Garage Shelves

This is why shelves are very important for garages. But sometimes it can be difficult to hire professional help for the purpose of building such stuff. But what if you are able to do everything on your very own without the help of any professional? You can ask your family especially involve your kids in the entire procedure.

The specifics!
Try to make use of the little space there is in your garage. You must understand because of the lack of space in small garages, the shelves will have to be made in a very well designed fashion. You will have to make sure that no space is wasted and the right shape and angles are taken good care of. Also, you must use very good quality wood for making these shelves as they will be holding most of your tools and other important stuff.
Academic studies have shown that building and repairing stuff on your own can be very helpful for your mind and also be very economical.

You just have to make sure you find the right spot in your garage and here is what you need:
2.5 inch screws
Measuring tape
Safety glasses
Hearing protection
Self tapping wood screws
PER leg support (if you have leg supports then get 10 of these)
2×4 length of shelf
You will also need a drill along with circular saw and a random orbital sander to go with everything.

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