Cowboy Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Cowboy Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Cowboy baby shower decoration ideas are easily attainable and affordable. The cowboy theme is also perfect for the baby boy in your life. So what are the top cowboy baby shower decoration ideas? Well one idea is to decorate the room with various cactus plants that can be littered around the room as well as decorating table tops. Wild flowers also add a touch of the Wild West and can be placed on tables tied with pretty red ribbon. This will add to the red and white checked tablecloths that you could use. You can also strung wild flowers around the room.

As for a colour theme, brown, red and white are a good colour combination to achieve the cowboy themed look. You can add red and white balloons adorned with streamers around the room while attaching with cowboy hats to them, to create a loop. These will look visually striking. Another lovely touch would be to add a wooden rocking horse as this would both evoke the cowboy theme and childhood and if older children are attending the baby shower this will keep them entertained.
If you are feeling adventurous you could go all out in creating your cowboy themed baby shower and place bay hales around the room for your guests to relax and sit and have drinks. If you have a piano you could also incorporate this into the room to create a salon theme.

With regards to the cake you could do something really different and create a cake shaped as a cowboy boot. One final idea is that you could add Sherif stars to the room with the baby’s name in them and give away sheriff star pins to your guests also adorning your baby’s name. Cowboy baby shower decoration ideas are boundless and you will most certainly have fun creating the perfect baby shower for your baby boy.

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