Circus birthday party ideas that your child will love

Circus birthday party ideas that your child will love

Circus birthday party ideas for your child’s perfect day. You simply cannot go wrong with a circus themed birthday party as all children love the circus. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Firstly you will need balloons and lots of them and the more colours the better. You can make arrangements of balloons as centrepieces on the tables and string them along the walls with brightly coloured streamers. If you are looking to keep the children entertained then a juggler is a must have, either someone you know or you could hire a professional depending upon your budget. All children will adore this and you could even run a mini juggling workshop.

What is a really exciting idea is to create the circus tent for your party venue. You could either hire a small one for outside use or you could create your own within your home by adding swathes if fabrics to your walls or by simply hiring a helium tent for indoor use. Either way the children attending the party will really feel like they are at the circus. You could also make the party a fancy dress theme and ask all the children to dress as clowns.

When it comes down to party games good choices are, ‘pin the nose on the clown’ and games such as an egg and spoon race and bean bag throwing, this will get the children all playing together.

With regards to party favours and bags, just keep it simple by including Bubbles, glow sticks and sweets, you could also include a set of juggling balls. The party food should also be kept simple with cupcakes decorated with clowns and hot food such as hotdogs; this is what all children like as a treat.
So when it comes down to thinking about Circus birthday party ideas for your child’s birthday there really is a lot to choose from. Have fun!

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