Boy nursery ideas that you will love

Boy nursery ideas that you will love

Boy nursery ideas can be made a reality with some careful planning and the use of a ‘theme’. If you choose a theme for your baby boy’s nursery then creating an idyllic nursery will be made a reality. Here are 5 ideas for you to choose from.

Dinosaur – is a perfect theme fur a boy’s nursery. You can have dinosaur curtains, bedding and even add dinosaur wallpaper or if you want to keep the walls more minimalist then you can simply add dinosaur stencils. A dinosaur mobile will add a nice touch as will a rug made from a dinosaur footprint.

Space – is also a fantastic theme for a boy’s nursery. You can have a planet lampshade and glow in the dark stars to produce the night sky. A nightlight in the shape of a rocket will also add a lovely touch. A space mobile is also a must have as well as twinkling fairy lights.

Nautical/Fish – this nursery theme is extremely easy to achieve as you can purchase fish themed wallpaper relatively easily. Shells can be added to the room as decorations and you can even have a ‘treasure chest’ in which to store blankets and clothes. Paper fish and star fish can be hung from the ceiling to create an undertaker theme.

Noah’s ark – is an incredibly cute theme for a boy’s nursery and you can add pairs if miniature wooden animals throughout the room. You can but animal print wallpaper or if you are feeling more adventurous you could add stencils of animals yourself. Bedding, curtains and cushions can also adorn the room showing cute animal pictures.

Trains – every little boy wants to grow up to be a train driver so a train themed nursery is a good idea. You could paint a train mural on the wall and buy nursery bedding sets with pictures of trains on them. Shelving in the room could also be in the shape of a train as well as having a train toy bocce, the ideas are endless. Whatever themes you choose do enjoy planning and decorating your nursery for your baby boy.

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