Black and white kitchens give that ultra-modern feel

Black and white kitchens give that ultra-modern feel

Black and white kitchens are extremely popular as they create a modern yet dynamic retro feel to any kitchen. The real beauty of a black and white kitchen is that you can then add colourful accessories once everything is in place but you need to have tour basics in place first. Here are a few ideas for the perfect black and white kitchen.

Firstly you need to consider what cabinets you should use and ultimately what colour. Black cabinets probably work better on a white wall but the choice is yours. If you feel that an all-black cabinet is too strong a statement or you feel that it will make your kitchen appear darker then you can always add a glass front to the cabinet and insert small lights into the shelving to give a brighter feel to them.

When it comes to choosing work surfaces then again you have a wide choice at your disposal. Many people opt for a black granite finish and contrast this with white appliances. Even if you think that black may be too dark for your kitchen you can buy granite with specks of colour in it to take some of the harshness away. However the black and white kitchen is all about balance and if you balance out the black worktops and shelving with white then you will create a dramatic yet clean and fresh modern look.

However you may choose to use black appliances with black cabinets and this is absolutely fine as long as you create clever lighting. Pendant lighting is a good choice in kitchens such as this as they can be used to highlight areas such as the dining and cabinet areas.
Finally you need to consider the floor and one of the most classic is the black and white chequered tiles designs as you can then incorporate both colours. However you may decide to opt for a wooden white floor if your kitchen is particularly dark.
Black and white kitchen are utterly timeless and give your home a new lease of life. Have a wonderful time in designing and planning your new kitchen.

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