Bathroom tile designs, where to start?

Bathroom tile designs blue colored

Bathroom tile designs, where to start?

Bathroom tile designs, there are just so many so how do you start planning that perfect bathroom?

You need to firstly consider the Materials of the tile, namely you need non porous tiles as there will obviously be a lot of moisture in the bathroom. The tiles used should also complement your chosen colour scheme used on the walls and floor. You can also use a complementary feel but have contrasting tiles so fur example black floor tiles with white floor tiles, it all depends on your taste.

If you want to create a light and airy feel in your bathroom then a choice of white and blue tiles are best to give that fresh and nautical twist. Backsplashes are also fantastic for adding interest to a bathroom and you can choose from a wide design base such as fish, flowers and fruit. You can also be really creative with your bathroom tile designs and use a variety of ceramic mosaic tiles in different sizes and shapes, many also come in themed packs or you can create your own unique designs.

Glass tiles are ideal for use in the backsplash area and you can even get glass tiles with different finishes and hints of colour. Another popular choice is that if using glazed tiles in the bathroom as they are extremely echo friendly and evoke a warm feeling.

If you want to go one step with your bathroom tile design then you can use LED Bathroom Wall Tiles that are extremely long lasting as well as defining areas. One final bathroom tile design idea is to incorporate moving colour glass tiles that change colour in different temperatures. So you can have a lot of fun deciding where to place them. You can be really creative with your bathroom tile designs and create that longed for dream bathroom.

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