Baptism Decorations for Girls

Baptism Decorations for Girls

The baptism of your little girl is a day of celebration with all of your family and friends. One way in which you can make the day extra special is by the use of stunning and symbolic decorations in both the church and celebratory venue afterwards.

With regards to the celebrations after the church service one obvious choice is that of special baptism confetti in pink and pastel shades. They now can come in the shape of little crosses and the word ‘baptism‘. You can even buy table sprinkles in a similar design. The room can also be decorated with heart shaped balloons with the words ‘congratulations on your baptism’ printed on them. The walls can also be festooned with paper chains and pink lanterns as well as celebratory bunting.

For table settings it is also now possible to buy centre pieces in the shape of a cross in pink and purples which will add a touch of elegance while being symbolic at the same time. With regards to the church itself there are many decorating ideas that you can use. One is to decorate the entrance way into the church with pink lanterns and bunting with perhaps a banner of the little girl’s name.

Inside the church the pews can be decorated with seasonal flowers in shades of cream, pink, red and purples and as well as having wonderful colours to brighten and freshen the space the room will also be filled with a wonderful fragrance.

Another lovely decoration to add along the pews is bows, once again in pretty pastel colours. The baptism of your little girl really is a special day that needs to be celebrated and the use of decorations both in the church and afterwards will really make the day that extra special. What’s more is that you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune in doing so.

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