Bamboo kitchen cabinets are an Eco-Friendly Solution

Bamboo kitchen cabinets are an Eco-Friendly Solution

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets are perfect for any kitchen as these represent a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for storing your essential cookery items. Bamboo is commonly believed to be a type of wood but actually it is a kind of grass. Bamboo is the best alternative to wood and if carefully harvested, the grass re-grows into bamboo within just three years’ time. This is the feature that makes bamboo an environmental friendly material because other popular wood sources like Oak Tree take at least 3 years to fully grow.

From a long time bamboo kitchen cabinets have been substituting wooden cabinets due to their flexibility and tendency of getting painted easily in almost any shade. Another key benefit of bamboo kitchen cabinets is that these tend to be sturdier and long lasting. Bamboo is not only durable but approximately 25% stronger than most hardwoods.

The cabinets crafted from bamboo appear smoother and stable since all of its strands are straight. This isn’t the case in wooden cabinets. The only drawback of using bamboo is that it is more fibrous because it is basically grass. This makes bamboo kitchen cabinets more vulnerable towards splinters. However, this issue can easily be resolved if the surfaces are sandpapered properly.

Therefore, you can opt for a greener and more exotic looking choice for your household by going for bamboo kitchen cabinets.

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