Antique Kitchen Cabinets

Antique Kitchen Cabinets:

Antique kitchen cabinets are certainly a hot trend in home fashion. Antiquing is a great technique which can easily revitalize your old and boring-looking kitchen cabinets as well. Antique cabinets exhibit warm, appealing and trendy look right away.

Antique kitchen cabinets are of various styles like French, Victorian, Tuscan and Country. The two basic methods for antiquing cabinets include staining and distressing. You may use any one of these methods only or combine both to create completely unique antique kitchen cabinets. Faux Painting and Crackle Painting are some of the less popular antiquing methods.

Staining: Cabinets painted in subtle and lighter tones such as white, beige and sky blue tend to receive more stains. Therefore, staining is the best technique for antiquing such cabinets. For darker shades or stains this is not recommended because additional effort of heavy scrubbing and brushing will be involved. In staining, you apply a layer of stain on one section of the cabinet and rub it till your desired result is achieved.

Distressing: Distressing is suitable for very old, heavily stained and weary cabinets. It stimulates the cabinets via rigorous scrubbing using a sand paper, hammer or chain. Remember that only painted cabinets can be distressed. Scrubbing action reveals thin layer of the wood by completely wiping away the paint and prepares the surface for antiquing.

Gallery of Antique Kitchen Cabinets

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