All About Kitchen Backsplash

All About Kitchen Backsplash:

The vertical extension of any counter, usually bathroom and kitchen, is called Kitchen Backsplash. Its purpose is to protect the wall from splashes of hot oil while cooking and from water while washing dishes. It also is used to create synchronization with the flooring, counter and the walls.

Usually a kitchen backsplash is made from aligning square shaped tiles together horizontally. However, kitchen backsplash can also be made from other materials for instance, marble, stone, steel or metal, granite. A general rule followed for the construction of kitchen backsplashes is that it should be made from the same material as the countertop. Moreover, kitchen backsplash should complement the color scheme of the kitchen cabinets and flooring.

Kitchen backsplash is very important for securing the walls from unintended spills and spots. It provides a convenient option for keeping the walls clean, germ-free and aesthetically pleasing. There is a wide range of design options available for kitchen backsplash ranging from paintings and landscape oriented designs to abstract and conventional ones.

Generally, backsplash is the part of package when you get your kitchen designed or renovated using tiled/marble flooring and countertops. However, you need to confirm this aspect from the company you have hired. You can also install it yourself and be creative because it does not harm your kitchen cabinets or countertop while being fixed.

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