Advantages of installing Bamboo Kitchen Countertops

Advantages of installing Bamboo Kitchen Countertops:

Bamboo kitchen countertops are certainly an unusual choice. However if you realize the benefits of bamboo counters then you will instantly want to change your existing one.
First aspect is that bamboo kitchen countertops are very economic in comparison to other materials. Especially if you compare per square foot price of quartz, stone and marble then bamboo counter certainly score points. Furthermore, the cost varies with bamboo counter’s thickness, length/width and finish, which offers you maximum chance of adjusting your budget.

Using eco-friendly and sustainable materials is definitely the need and requirement of present times. Therefore if preserving the environment is your priority in kitchen countertops then bamboo is the best option.

The degree of strength and durability of bamboo counters is higher if the material is treated correctly. If it is treated with a good sealer than you can easily maintain its appearance and strength for a longer duration. However, avoid using bamboo kitchen countertops as a cutting board or for placing hot pots too frequently to prevent cuts and burns.

A variety of sealers are available in the market for finishing bamboo counters. Mineral oil and Tung oil instead of traditional varnishes are preferred for sealing bamboo. This is also suitable for counters where food is prepared. These oils make the bamboo counter water resistant and food-safe, which is a quality not present in other counters sealed with varnish.

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