4 Great Balloon Decorating Ideas

4 Great Balloon Decorating Ideas

Balloon decorating ideas have the potential of livening up any party or holiday. For many of us, the idea of a room decorated with balloons symbolizes celebration. Although they have been used in countless creative ways already, you can always find new balloon decorating ideas that will brighten a room and put smiles on the faces of your loved ones. Here are a few you might like.

– Pom-pom balloons – It’s actually possible to hot glue decorations onto a balloon without making it pop. Now that you know this, let your imagination run wild, but first think of a bunch of little pom-poms glued to a balloon. Doesn’t it sound awfully cute and just perfect for a little girl’s birthday party?

– A snowman – Have you ever used balloons as a Christmas decoration? Making a snowman is a simple way to start. Take two white balloons, and draw the snowman’s eyes, mouth and buttons with a black magic marker. You can draw the nose, too, or you can make a paper or cloth carrot and glue it onto the head to make the snowman look more real. Glue the balloons together, place a cap on the head and a scarf around the neck, and you’ve got yourself an indoor snowman that doesn’t melt!

– Pumpkins – Balloon pumpkins are perfect for those who like Halloween decorations, but don’t want to carve real pumpkins. All you need to make them are orange balloons and a black magic marker. Simply inflate the balloons and draw the pumpkins’ faces!

– Hot air balloon centerpiece – This balloon decorating idea is perfect for adding a more romantic and elegant touch to a celebration. Make or buy a fishing net and put a helium filled balloon in it. Fill a basket with flowers, place the loose ends of the net in it and that’s it!

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